This month in Greek Startups – JANUARY 2023 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

January was a really successful month for greek startups, as 7 of them received funding!

Join us in discovering more about them!

BlakBear, a greek co-founded startup that focuses on measuring the freshness of products, managed to raise £2.3 million to further expand its business on reducing food waste.

The following startup is OneRoof, a platform that brings closer the dwellers of the same apartment building. It successfully raised $3.2 million in seed funding! 

If you are into hacking, then you need to know about the greek startup Hack The Box. The company trains users to learn smart but safe hacking skills and be aware of the cybersecurity system. It recently secured $55 million in funding! Really impressive!

Let’s take a look at the real estate industry and specifically at Prosperty, a greek-origin startup that takes advantage of digital tools to improve the search for properties in Greece! With the purpose of further building the future of the real estate world through advanced technologies, it raised €2.6 million in funding! 

Moving to the next startup, Welinq is a platform that interconnects quantum processors and makes quantum computing more accessible and easier to use. It recently announced €5 million in funding.

The construction world is about to enter a new era, thanks to the innovative techniques of Kewazo. The greek co-founded startup promotes the use of robotics and data analytics in construction operations. It managed to raise $10 million in order to integrate the automation of on-site construction logistics into its services.

The last startup is BibeCoffee, an IoT-powered SaaS solution app that helps its clients monitor the usage of their coffee machines, streamline their maintenance and be aware of the production and consumption. It has raised new funding valued at €2.1 million to work on enhancing the quality of the coffee that is produced.

See you next month with more info about Greek Startups!