This month in Greek Startups – July 23 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

Hello everyone!

It may be super hot outside, but Greek startup funding is even hotter!
Let’s take a look at 3 Greek startups that raised funding in July!

Causaly is here to unlock the potential of biomedical science with instant access to biomedical literature and hidden insights, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence!
The company successfully secured 60 million dollars to further develop its Research and Development department and pave the way for new drug discoveries!

Do you want to enhance your K-Y-C processes but don’t know how?
Magic has your back!
The startup provides companies with a digital identity marketplace with all the necessary tools to create a privacy ecosystem with absolute control and help companies grow their revenue streams!

How can Artificial Intelligence be combined with mental health assessments?
Thymia has the answer!
The Greek co-founding startup uses AI to analyse voice, movement and behavioural data to identify mental health conditions!
It recently raised funding valued at 2.7 million dollars to expand to more markets!

Mark your calendars for next month and discover how summer is wrapping up in the field of funding for Greek startups!