This month in Greek Startups – May 23 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to our monthly recap of Greek funding startups! Let’s jump right into it!

Odaia is here to help you gain the competitive advantage you need to succeed! Its product optimizes sales processes and offers predictive analytics and commercial insights to keep you at the top of your game! The startup successfully raised funding valued at $25 million. Well done!

Securing $100 million in funding is difficult, but not for Runway! The startup shapes the new era of art, entertainment and human creativity with the help of Artificial Intelligence, enabling its users to create new content quickly and accurately.

Are you looking for a hassle-free car rental experience? FlexCar has got you covered! Being the first company ever to introduce the concept of leasing in the Greek market, FlexCar is a pro at making your car journey smooth and convenient. You just have to buckle up and enjoy the ride! The new funds, which have yet to be disclosed, will help the startup expand in Greece, Cyprus and Italy and add more advanced technologies to its services.

The medtech startup Aidplex revolutionizes the field of orthopaedics by integrating innovative solutions that promise to improve the patient’s treatment experience. The company received $340.000 to dominate the Greek and international market and enhance its scoliosis treatment.

Promoting sports clubs is easier than ever with the help of the innovative startup MyTeam. The company raised funding from Genesis Ventures and Eleven Ventures to help sports clubs and academies manage their daily processes and improve their athletes’ performance.

The API platform Relynk streamlines the development process by exploiting the power of building data sources. With a funding of 5.320.000 NOK, it transforms how companies unleash the full potential of their data. 

The next startup utilizes the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to improve athletic performance and reduce injury risk. Flex R secured a pre-seed investment from Antler, but the exact amount has not yet been disclosed.

Another Greek co-founding startup with Artificial Intelligence as a primary tool is Axelera AI. The company recently raised $50 million in funding to democratize Edge AI and make it accessible to everyone. Congratulations!

The last fundraising startup is Anodyne Nanotech, a biotech company revolutionizing drug delivery with its innovative HeroPatch product. It recently received $2.25 million to develop its drug delivery technology further.

See you next month with more info!