This month in Greek Startups – October 23 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

Hello everyone!

With October’s cool breeze and vibrant colors, we continue to uncover the tales of visionary entrepreneurs.

Join us in exploring their journeys of ambition and innovation in the world of startups.

Lambda Automata, a leader in autonomous warfare tech, has raised 6 million euros to fortify Western democracies. Air Street Capital led the funding round. They’re pioneering innovations like real-time wildfire detection and autonomous surveillance, heralding a new era in security and defense.

Elyos Energy is thrilled to announce 3 million dollars in seed funding, with investments from Y Combinator, Rebel Fund, Zeno Partners, and Lakestar. Elyos is dedicated to strengthening the energy system and helping businesses save on electricity costs by avoiding peak prices. 

TileDB secures 34 million dollars in Series B funding, led by AlleyCorp’s Kevin Ryan, along with support from existing and new investors. They’re revolutionizing data access and analysis with a universal data engine, catering to diverse data types and domains. TileDB’s modern database, powered by multi-dimensional arrays, adapts to handle everything from images to genomics. They offer open-source tools and TileDB Cloud for secure, distributed computing and collaboration.

Dataphoria just announced 225 thousand euros in pre-seed funding from Investing for Purpose! Dataphoria is on a mission to redefine sustainability through data-driven innovation. They envision a future where technology not only tracks but also drives the green revolution. This investment represents a step into a more sustainable world, one data point at a time.

Marathon Venture Capital leads a 2.5 million dollar seed investment in Bota Systems AG, advancing robots with a sense of touch. Bota’s platform equips robots with adaptability for new tasks, bringing us closer to a robotic revolution. They aim to make robots move as naturally as humans while providing top-notch force-torque sensors. 

Do you want to take control of your digital privacy and file management?

Fileverse, a privacy-first file management app, recently secured a 1.5 million dollar Pre-Seed investment from Gnosis Chain, Factor, Balaji Srinivasan, and others. Their platform enables secure, decentralized file storage and collaboration, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and NFTs for access control. With peer-to-peer storage and end-to-end encryption, Fileverse simplifies the move away from centralized apps without compromising privacy and security.

LANGaware, the health tech startup, has secured 2 million euros in funding, led by Eleven Ventures with participation from Metavallon VC. They’re pioneering mental and cognitive health diagnostics through AI, using language, voice, and speech analysis as digital biomarkers. LANGaware offers a breakthrough solution for early and accurate condition detection, addressing inefficiencies in treatment and improving patient outcomes.

Ready to transform your brand’s digital presence?

Threedium secures 11 million dollars in Series A funding from investors, including Interpublic Group (IPG) and Olma Partners. Threedium empowers brands to transition from 2D to 3D, streamlining digital representation with its unmatched 3D fidelity, cutting-edge web engine, and comprehensive 3D/AR suite. They lead the way in delivering interactive, customizable 3D/AR experiences for global brands and enterprises, enhancing digital engagement and creative autonomy.

See you next month to learn more about the Greek startup ecosystem and its funding!