Vilnius, Lithuania: Goal #4 “Information and Constructive Dialogue”

Event Dates: October 16-18, 2023
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania


This workshop in Vilnius aims to enhance the strategic engagement of young people in fostering an environment where information is freely shared and constructive dialogue is encouraged, aligning with EU Youth Goal #4.


Key Objectives:


Workshop Schedule and Activities:
The workshop will last three days, engaging 18 participants (3 from each partner) between the ages of 18-30. It is focused on fostering a deeper understanding and active involvement in policy-making related to information sharing and constructive dialogue.

Day 1:
Participants engage in ice-breaking activities to build rapport and familiarity. The day continues with a comprehensive presentation of the workshop’s objectives and an overview of EU Youth Goal #4, including an assessment of its current implementation status.

Day 2:
The day is divided into a “Future workshop” where participants are split into three groups of six. Each group addresses a current challenge related to Goal #4, progressing through three phases: Criticism, Fantasy, and Realization, to explore and devise creative solutions. This is followed by a “Collecting experiences” session where participants discuss their personal experiences with information and dialogue policies, fostering an enriching exchange of ideas.

Day 3:
The workshop concludes with participants forming three new groups to design practical tools in the “Design for wiser action” activity. They collaborate to create a Youth Toolkit for Information and Constructive Dialogue, aimed at advancing the implementation of Goal #4. This toolkit is intended to capture their collective project ideas on enhancing open communication and constructive discussions among youth.

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