Berlin, Germany: Goal #1 “Connecting EU with Youth”

Event Dates: May 29-31, 2024

Location: Berlin, Germany


Join us in Berlin to strengthen connections between the European Union and its youth. This engaging workshop showcases initiatives that close the gap between EU policies and active youth involvement.

Key Objectives:

Workshop Schedule and Activities:

Over three days, this workshop will gather 18 participants aged 18-30 from various partnerships. It’s crafted to deepen the relationship between the EU and its younger constituents.

Day 1: Participants start with fun ice-breaking activities to build rapport. Afterwards, they dive into an introduction that outlines the workshop’s goals and presents a thorough overview of EU Youth Goal #1, including its current impact.

Day 2: Today, participants split into three groups of six to tackle unique challenges relating to EU and youth connectivity. Each group moves through three discussion phases: Criticism, Fantasy, and Realization, aiming to craft innovative solutions. Additionally, the “Collecting experiences” session allows for sharing personal insights on EU engagement, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas.

Day 3: Efforts continue as groups work on the “Design for wiser action” activity. They’ll develop a Youth Toolkit for Connecting EU with Youth, compiling strategies and ideas to enhance EU-young people relations. This toolkit is designed to ensure that youth voices are influential and acknowledged in EU policy-making.

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