Chania, Greece: Goal #7 “Quality Employment for All”

Event Dates: March 26-28, 2024

Location: Chania, Greece


Join us in Chania to boost EU Youth Goal #7, “Quality Employment for All.” This workshop focuses on developing the leadership and personal growth needed to drive initiatives that enhance job opportunities for young people.

Key Objectives:

Workshop Schedule and Activities:

This three-day event hosts 18 participants aged 18-30, aimed at tackling the challenges and seizing the opportunities to achieve quality employment for all.

Day 1: Participants start with ice-breakers to build a team spirit. The day includes a session outlining the workshop’s goals and provides an in-depth look at EU Youth Goal #7’s progress.

Day 2: The participants split into three groups for a “Future workshop.” Each team discusses different challenges, moving through phases of Criticism, Fantasy, and Realization to spark innovative solutions. Later, a “Collecting experiences” session encourages sharing of personal insights on quality employment, enriching the dialogue with diverse perspectives.

Day 3: The workshop wraps up with teams focusing on a “Design for wiser action” activity. They collaborate to create a Youth Toolkit for Quality Employment for All, packed with practical strategies and fresh ideas to boost employment opportunities for youth.

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