June’s – Innovation, Collaboration & Growth

The summer breeze brought an air of renewal to Startup Greece. Join us as we take you through June’s Innovation, Collaboration & Growth, journey.

The month started with our Managing Director, Thanos Paraschos, delivering a lecture on “SMEs and Innovation” at the Technical University of Crete, invited by Krassadaki Evangelia and Constantin Zopounidis. Reflecting on the importance of innovation, Thanos remarked, “Innovation is the key to human progress, and startups are here to make it happen!”

The month continued with successful university collaborations, thanks to the efforts of our HR Department. As part of our international internship program, which welcomes students from all around the world, we are proud to announce the addition of the following universities to our list of partners:

Our month concluded with two SG members traveling to Rome, Italy, as part of the EUYouth4EUGoals mobility program. During the three-day workshop, participants gained valuable knowledge and insights on topics such as the meaning and importance of Youth Goal 11, the role of youth organizations. Detailed information was provided regarding, european programs for youth, and best practices for funding and resources. Through engaging scenarios, attendees were able to conceptualize and develop European project proposals, ensuring they were well-equipped for future endeavors.

Stay tuned for what comes next!

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June’s Innovation, Collaboration & Growth