Slatina, Romania: #6 “Moving Rural Youth Forward”

Event Dates: January 17-19, 2024

Location: Slatina, Romania


This workshop in Slatina targets advancing opportunities and addressing the challenges that rural youth face, aligning with EU Youth Goal #6 “Moving Rural Youth Forward.” Consequently, it focuses on developing innovative strategies to boost the engagement and growth of rural youth across the European Union.

Key Objectives:

Workshop Schedule and Activities:

The three-day workshop will include 18 participants aged 18-30 from various partner organizations, all committed to improving the prospects for rural youth.

Day 1: Participants will start with ice-breaking activities to establish a supportive group dynamic. Following this, they will receive an introduction to the workshop’s objectives and a comprehensive overview of EU Youth Goal #6, including an evaluation of its current implementation.

Day 2: Today features a “Future workshop” where participants will be divided into three groups, each addressing a distinct challenge related to rural youth. This session progresses through three phases—Criticism, Fantasy, and Realization—to promote a creative approach to problem-solving. Additionally, the “Collecting experiences” session will allow participants to share personal insights and impacts of policies on rural youth, culminating in a dynamic debate to exchange ideas.

Day 3: The workshop concludes as participants gather in new groups to embark on the “Design for wiser action” activity. They will work together to develop the Youth Toolkit for Moving Rural Youth Forward. This toolkit will compile actionable strategies and innovative project ideas, aimed at propelling the goals of enhancing rural youth engagement and development.

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