Vacation mode: OFF! Startup Greece is back in action!

Most of you right now, might find yourself either in a depressing mood contemplating on how your summer passed or are in the process of taking the best vitamin D ahead of a very challenging 22’-23’ period. In its efforts to bring some silver linings in this difficult period ahead, Startup Greece is happy to provide you with some inside info of its future actions!

For 22’-23’ SG seeks to implement 4 main actions which are: 

SG Talks
Where Greek startup founders share valuable insights about their first steps in the tech ecosystem, and give to the audience more info about their startups.

SG Delegations
A great networking experience for Greek tech founders, and anyone else, interested in joining the startup ecosystem. Participants will have the chance to take part in significant actions & events, immensely expand their network and gain access to global markets.

SG at Universities
Showing the way to students across Greek Universities on how to develop their skills and find their entrepreneurial life purpose, through inspirational and educational events. 

SG Map
A glimpse of the Greek Startup Ecosystem, through a comprehensive infomap of all Greek and Greece-based startups. 

Through these actions SG seeks to bring innovation to you and inspire you in innovating! More info about these events will be available soon, so keep in mind on checking SG media channels for such details!

If you are a founder or a member of a Startup and you want to bring added value through SG actions, contact SG immediately

If you are an individual and you are not so patient of what is going on behind the curtains, don’t worry, SG has a way of you finding out more and why not contribute in these actions. But how can you do that? 

Well SG has 2 ways: 

Find out more here

Besides the previously mentioned actions, Startup Greece participates in a series of EU funded projects, so if you want to participate in various projects centered around innovation and entrepreneurship, keep an eye on opportunities coming up, all year long!

So until then, enjoy the last days of this extended August (Almost October) in Greece and get ready for all the future actions of Startup Greece!