Slatina, Romania: Goal #3 “Inclusive Societies”

Event Dates: September 12-14, 2023
Location: Slatina, Romania

The workshop in Slatina focuses on developing actionable strategies to promote inclusive societies as outlined in EU Youth Goal #3. It aims to enhance participants’ skills in problem-solving, project management, and strategic planning to foster inclusivity within their communities.

Key Objectives:

Workshop Schedule and Activities:
The workshop spans three days and includes participants aged 18-30 from various partner organizations, focusing on deeply analyzing and actively involving young people in policy-making related to inclusivity.

Day 1:
Participants start with ice-breaking activities to build familiarity and cohesion within the group. The day includes a comprehensive presentation of the project’s objectives and a general overview of EU Youth Goal #3, alongside an evaluation of its current implementation.

Day 2:
The day is structured around a “Future workshop” where participants are divided into three groups, each tackling a specific challenge related to the goal. The groups will engage in three phases of discussion: Criticism, Fantasy, and Realisation, aiming to creatively address and find solutions to the challenges posed. This is followed by a “Collecting experiences” session where participants discuss their personal experiences and insights related to inclusivity, fostering a rich exchange of ideas.

Day 3:
Continuing the group work, participants will design actionable tools and strategies in the “Design for wiser action” activity, focusing on developing a Youth Toolkit for Inclusive Societies. This toolkit aims to encapsulate their collaborative project ideas on enhancing inclusivity and will serve as a blueprint for future actions.

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