This month in Greek Startups – June 23 | The Greek Ecosystem’s News

Hello everyone!

Let’s check out the two Greek startups that raised funding in June and are one step closer to skyrocketing their business!

The MedTech scene is being transformed by the Greek startup Purposeful! The company combines AI technology and human expertise to fight off rare diseases and develop new products based on existing drugs that lead to effective treatments. 

Purposeful received funding from the Greek pharmaceutical company PharOS but the exact amount has yet to be disclosed!

Is the startup Nothing really nothing? Well, it recently raised funding valued at $96 million, so it’s more than nothing!

The company develops cutting-edge tech products that eradicate the barrier between people and technology. Its solutions promise a digital future with innovative and easy-to-use technological products that transform everyday life.

Two startups, two notable funding rounds!

See you next month to learn more about the Greek startup ecosystem and its fundings!